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Custom Reaction Systems

  • Experimental polyether reaction system

    Experimental polyether reaction system

    The whole set of reaction system is integrated on a stainless-steel frame. The PO/EO feeding valve is fixed on the frame to prevent the electronic scale measurement from being affected during operation.

    The reaction system is connected with stainless steel pipeline and needle valves, which is easy for disconnection and re-connection.

  • Experimental rectification system

    Experimental rectification system

    The system is a continuous neopentyl glycol NPG rectification unit automatically controlled by a computer, which consists of four parts: material preparation unit, material feeding unit, rectification tower unit and product collection unit. The system is available for both remote control by means of IPC and manual control by means of on-site control cabinet.

  • Experimental nitrile latex reaction system

    Experimental nitrile latex reaction system

    This system is used for experimental research and development of nitrile latex, using manual control of continuous feeding and batch reaction.

    The system adopts the modular design concept, and all the equipment and pipelines are arranged in the frame, which includes three parts: raw material storage tank, feeding unit and reaction unit.

    PID instrument control system is used. The whole system is a safe and efficient experimental platform.

  • Experimental PX continuous oxidation system

    Experimental PX continuous oxidation system

    This system is used for the continuous PX oxidation reaction, and can be used for the simulation of the tower type and the kettle type in industrial production. The system can ensure the continuous feeding of raw materials and the continuous discharging of product, and meet the continuity requirements of the experiment.

  • Experimental Nylon reaction system

    Experimental Nylon reaction system

    The reactor is supported on the aluminum alloy frame. The reactor adopts a flanged structure with a reasonable structure and a higher degree of standardization. It can be used for chemical reactions of various materials under high temperature and high pressure. It is especially suitable for stirring and reaction of high-viscosity materials.

  • Catalyst evaluation system

    Catalyst evaluation system

    Basic process: The system provides two gases, hydrogen and nitrogen, which are respectively controlled by a pressure regulator. The hydrogen is metered and fed by a mass flow controller, and the nitrogen is metered and fed by a rotameter, and then passed into the reactor. The continuous reaction is carried out under the conditions of temperature and pressure set by the user. 

  • Polymer polyols (POP) reaction system

    Polymer polyols (POP) reaction system

    This system is suitable for continuous reaction of gas-liquid phase materials under high temperature and high pressure. It is mainly used in the exploration test of POP process conditions.

    Basic process: two ports are provided for gases. One port is nitrogen for safety purge; the other is air as power source of pneumatic valve.