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High Temperature & High Pressure Magnetic Reactor

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1. ZIPEN offers HP/HT reactors are applicable for pressure under 350bar and temperature up to 500 ℃.

2. The reactor can be made of S.S310, Titanium, Hastelloy, Zirconium, Monel, Incoloy.

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Product description

1. ZIPEN offers HP/HT reactors are applicable for pressure under 350bar and temperature up to 500 ℃.
2. The reactor can be made of S.S310, Titanium, Hastelloy, Zirconium, Monel, Incoloy.
3. Special sealing ring is used according to operational temperature and pressure.
4. A safety valve with rapture disc is equipped on the reactor. the blasting numerical error is small, the instantaneous exhaust speed is fast, and it is safe and reliable.
5. With the electric motor as the power, the stirrer can produce enough stirring power through the coupling. Stirrer parts such as blade or anchor can be selected according to the viscosity of various materials.
6. There are many types of supporting controllers, simple operation and high control precision. Special designs can be provided according to user needs. The data can be displayed on the computer for qualitative analysis.
7. The reactor is equipped with a DC motor, with an adjustable speed of 0-1000r/min, and an explosion-proof motor can be equipped for special requirements.
8. The heating type: electric heating type (fixed type\openable type), liquid heating type are available, can produce heating oil bath, can also produce electric and liquid heating type, can provide special design.

What's the feature and use of the product?

The volume of HP/HT reactors including
50ml to 300ml (bench top reactor)
500ml to 2000ml (floor stand reactor)

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